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enabling individuals and teams to excel

Charlie Hodgson business coach

Enhance your performance at work through positive behavioural changes

It is our belief that any successful organisation has a cohesive, purposeful senior leadership team, built around strong values and behaviours.

If yours is disjointed, has a lack of communication and is resistant to change, then we want to work with you. Show us the outcome and we will develop something to suit you.

"Charlie Hodgson Performance provides bespoke individual and leadership team coaching services to improve overall performance at work"

Coaching Focus


Understand how a common purpose, values and behaviours can impact performance in a positive way.


How does your new role differ from the previous one? What changes in behaviour are needed to make the promotion a success?


How does your personality impact others? What does it mean to be a great leader and how to get the most out of your team


Individual and shared goals and the responsibility to those goals. 


How we articulate our ideas and thoughts is perhaps the most important factor in whether communication is seemed to be good, or indeed bad.


Understand the the benefits of exercise for both physical health and cognitive function. Learn how to deal with stress and pressure. 

Are you ready to take the next step?

I offer a free 30 minute consultation for all new clients, see how coaching can benefit you and your organisation...

"I have moved my own development plans forwards in a planned way and produced tangible outputs and improved clarity of thought, feeling and action."

“Charlie spoke with an air of calmness and his style was inquisitive and conversational which made me relaxed.”

“I’d recommend Charlie to others wanting to focus on personal and professional development.”

“Charlie managed to expose some uncertainty I had in my business and went on to provide some ways to address the issues. His style of questioning made me really dig deep to find the answers, which helped me see challenges I wasn’t actually aware of.”