Charlie Hodgson is also available to provide informative talks, Q&A, and to be a part of informal panel discussions. Topics have included situational stress management, workplace wellbeing and performance under pressure.

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“A very honest and entertaining talk from Charlie Hodgson whose thoughts on positivity I loved. He also gave a 5 point plan for dealing with stress that is going straight into action! Who couldn’t do with a bit more positivity and a bit less stress in their life?“

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”A First Class Session by a World Class Individual

Nigel Harwood. Senior Partner Development Manager. St James's Place Wealth Management

”Thanks for sharing your insights and experience, Charlie. A really engaging session which everyone took a great deal of benefit from. It's important that we talk to the Barclays Payments business about stress and wellbeing, and you really brought this to life with real experience and a great deal of knowledge. Definitely one of the best sessions of the day! Thank you

Ross Taylor. Sales Director. Barclaycard Business Payments

It can be stress that leads to poor lifestyle choices. Yet our lifestyle choices can often lead to stress!

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