“GPs get stressed at work; we all know that. We’re not good at understanding how we work and why this makes us stressed. Nor do we have strategies to help us. Elite sportsmen also suffer stress, but clubs spend thousands on sports psychologists, precisely so they do understand why. They are then equipped with the tools to help. Charlie’s use of the Mind5 METHOD has been enlightening.There’s not a GP in the land who couldn’t benefit. I’m more energised and more focused...”

GP. Peartree Group.

“Participating in this course has changed my quality of life, my stress management and productivity immensely. Charlie’s role and experience is indispensable. It was like seeing an x-ray of my life and I was able to quickly and clearly see how I was essentially coping with the daily rigours of life – not always setting myself up to thrive. Charlie is the kind of coach who can foster both action and ongoing change in others.”

Operations Director. Capita

“Thanks for sharing your insights and experience, Charlie. A really engaging session which everyone took a great deal of benefit from. It's important that we talk to the Barclays Payments business about stress and wellbeing, and you really brought this to life with real experience and a great deal of knowledge. Definitely one of the best sessions of the day! Thank you”

Barclaycard Business Payments

“I’d really recommend Charlie as a professional coach. His approach is empathetic and future focused. Using tools from his sporting background, he inspires confidence and an opportunity for contextual reflection. Highly recommended.”

Global HR business partner. Lloyd’s Register

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