What our clients say

“In a few months there was a significant improvement in communication skills and engagement with the team’s strategy. The team felt empowered to deliver even better results using relationship building, influencing and negotiation.”


“Overall we agreed that the six month process has successfully created a new platform for progress in areas where that had previously seemed impossible. In a number of specific situations, Charlie has helped me achieve important breakthroughs and put tricky myths to rest.”


“As I am a big rugby fan, I was concerned about his appeal to the wider audience within our business - I didn't need to be concerned. For someone who has been so successful at the top of the rugby union profession, he is a very humble man. To be honest he fitted in right away with our team.”

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“I’d really recommend Charlie as a professional coach. His approach is empathetic and future focused. Using tools from his sporting background, he inspires confidence and an opportunity for contextual reflection. Highly recommended.”

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Put some time aside to breathe and reflect before acting. Impulsive, emotional reactions do not work!

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